Welcome to 私は日本語が大好き (Watashi wa Nihongo ga Daisuki), which translated that means, I Love Japanese. This fanlisting is dedicated to the Japanese language. The listing is approved at The Fanlistings Network under the People Miscellany -> Language and Culture category.

I grew up in China, but learned Japanese from the love of my life. It was our only way of communicating. It brought us close together and in time, I even moved to Japan with him. I am still learning Japanese, it's quite a bit more difficult then I realized, but I love the language. Everyone says French is the language of love, for me, it's Japanese because it brought the one that I love to me. ❤ There is no language that I love more then this one right here.

If you love this language as much as I do, you should join this fan listing too.


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